Handbags Inspired by Iconic Women

The Birkin Bag by Hermès 

This iconic bags is named after American actress Jane Birkin. Created in 1984 after Birkin and former Hermès head Jean-Louis Dumas met on a flight from Paris to London and talked about what she saw as the 'perfect bag'. The two then collaborated on a sketch of the first model Birkin bag, and that sketch must have gone well since that bag now is made of the most exquisite leathers in striking colors and unparalleled craftsmanship, and takes a single artisan up to 48 hours to make one by hand.

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The Jackie Bag by Gucci

If Jackie Kennedy wore it, held it or mentioned it, it became fashion royalty and she happened to love this casually styled easy wearing leather bag to compliment her everyday looks. Gucci initially called the bag the Constance when it was originally introduced in the 1950's, but after Jackie Kennedy famously was seen with this bag avoiding paparazzi in the 1970's, Gucci renamed the bag after her. A new style was introduce as The ‘New Jackie’ in 2009 by creative director Frida Giannini. 

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The Novak Bag by Alexander McQueen 

This bag was introduced in the Summer of 2009 when former Gucci apprentice Alexander McQueen decided his turn had come to create an epic bag inspired by an epic woman, actress Kim Novak. Novak is best known for Hitchcock’s movie Vertigo, a be-fitting McQueen inspiration! This bag is a mix of trendy future state and vintage all in one with amazing detail, stitching and the thing McQueen was most famous for, being different.  

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The Jennifer bag by Tom Ford

A more recent edition "It" bag, by the great Tom Ford, pays homage to Jennifer Aniston. This bag is pure friendship personified as Jennifer is good friends with Tom Ford, so he named a bag after her! This is famously the bag Oprah Winfrey was denied purchasing at the Tom Ford boutique in Switzerland.  
TOM FORD Jennifer Medium Grained Leather Shoulder Bag

The ‘SC’ bag by Louis Vuitton

For almost 20 years Sofia Coppola and Louis Vuitton have been in collaboration, and when Marc Jacobs was Creative Director in 2007 he requested she design her SC bag. He invited her to visit Louis Vuitton’s workshop in Asnières, where the intention was to create a one off bespoke handbag for her personal use, but ended up designing an entire collection of bags and purses, which showcased her preference for timeless pieces and classic lines, with very close attention to detail.

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The Kelly Bag by Hermès

The actress Grace Kelly first fell in love with the bag on Alfred Hitchcock’s To Catch a Thief set when the handbag was still dubbed as the Sac à dépêches from its launch in 1935. When making the announcement of her engagement to the Prince of Monaco and then most famously in 1956 while trying to hide her pregnancy, the now renamed Hermès Kelly bag was born. These classic bags, like the Birkin can take more then 24 hours to create.

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The Lady Dior Bag by Christian Dior

Princess Diana had a significant impact on fashion and at one time was the most photographed woman in the world, so when she received as a gift the Dior Chouchou bag from the First Lady of France in 1995, it was henceforth known as the Lady Dior since once on the arm of Princess Diana, the bag could now only go by that name. It was officially renamed in 1996, in honor of Diana. The Princess then ordered every available version in every available colour. Becoming the cherished arm candy of such an icon gave the bag celebrity status hard to match.

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The Bardot Bag by Lancel

The Bardot bag in honour of French Actress Brigitte Bardot, is the first bag in Lancel’s collection made without the use of animal products in consideration of Bardot's support of animal rights. The bag combines style with a shape that was consistent with Bardot’s image in its shape, gracefulness and femininity. 

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The Sofia Bag by Salvatore Ferragamo

Sofia Loren, who is a loyal client and friend of Ferragamo had her namesake bag crated in 2009 to immortalized their relationship. Equal parts practical and pretty, this perfect day-to-night bag comes in various materials like canvas, python, and leather. In 2017 this bag received an update with a new irregular shape and new tanning technique used for over 50 years by Ferragamo.

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