Authentication - an Artform and a Science

At OA all sales are final and non-refundable, getting rid of the refund layer is part of what makes our items more affordable to you, so please be sure to ask any questions you have prior to your purchase. It is our pleasure to assist you at any time. Detailed photos and serial numbers if applicable are part of the comprehensive descriptions on all items. 

If an item is in question after receipt and is deemed inauthentic by a 3rd party authenticator, you will be refunded 100% including your shipping costs.

Our commitment to providing 100% authentic luxury items is at the core of who we are and is unwavering!

Authenticating luxury items for over 20 years, and training others to do so for the last 10 means you will never need to worry that what you purchase from OA is a replica. With those years of experience in determining authenticity comes the deep knowledge of what to examine. This is based on several factors; item trademarks, font, symmetry, hand or machine stitching angles, hardware, heat stamps and date codes that can be referenced by the manufacturer, to name a few.

Our authentication practice is continually evolving based on the technology and practices of the replicators in the marketplace. High-end replication continues to improve and leverages premium materials and sophisticated machinery to produce their "quality" fakes, so a keen eye and in depth knowledge is essential.

Each of our items goes through a three step process to carefully inspect and authenticate to ensure that the workmanship and detail of all materials matches the manufacturer's established standards of quality. Authenticity is extremely important to us, and we know it is to you too!

Indulge us with our Soapbox for a Second

The pirated goods problem and its economic and social consequences are a real issue, Oscar Wilde was not correct when he said “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness”. According to the Global Brand Counterfeiting Report 2021, counterfeit goods rose to $1.82 trillion in 2020, have grown since then and continue to rise.

Fighting for the Brand

The problem that arises for the luxury market, who base their business on originality and scarcity being the main drivers of their success, is that luxury goods becoming commonplace will stop the real ones from selling. This escalates into a huge issue when you think about the research and development, design, marketing and advertising resources invested in creating their distinctive products, that is all lost.

More importantly, the thought of anyone spending their hard earned money and not getting what they were expecting because it's a fraud is terrible.