Ready to Purchase a Luxury Handbag?

Are you feeling you may be ready to enhance your wardrobe with a pre-owned or new designer bag but don’t know how to begin? Look no further. It’s a very smart idea to take the time you need for this investment so here are some tips on how to narrow down your options and find the perfect match within Occhi Azzurri (OA).

OA Advice on How to Choose Your Luxury Bag

Know your style…as we say, first thing’s first so really dig deep into not only your personality, but how you live your life, what is missing? What are your must haves? How will this new edition to your life work for you? Also think about shape, size, ease of use, colour and of course, longevity. Now, when you choose your new bag it should hit all those must haves.

If you can, splurge on something that fits all of the above criteria. We encourage you to shop around to see that we at OA will be the best value for your hard earned dollars, keeping in mind most of our handbags, wallets and jewelry have been priced to sell, and come with their original dust bags and boxes. 

Last, but most importantly, authenticity. This is where OA’s attention to detail within all the listings allows you to feel confident that every item has been authenticated by an expert and your money is smartly spent. So, now, as long as you take all this into consideration, it’s time to pick a timeless brand!