A Bit About Burberry

In 1856, Thomas Burberry, at 21 years old, establishes Burberry's in Basingstoke England, with original designs to protect from wet British weather. Burberry's innovated gabardine material was incorporated into their rainwear soon after, which proved to be resilient and effective. In the process, they designed one of the most iconic patterns in fashion history to line their coats.  

In 1901, there was a public competition to generate a logo for Burberry and the Equestrian Knight Device or EKD was born. The banner which reads ‘Prorsum’ translates to Forward’ from it's Latin which would define Burberry's new velocity.

In 1999, Burberry’s changes it's branding over to Burberry with a new logo and it's first store on the legendary Bond St. in London. Burberry now produces ready-to-wear clothing, handbags, accessories, cosmetics, fragrances, sneakers, sunglasses and more.