About Our Founder

Our founder, is a woman, a collector, a designer, an artist, and project professional, but most importantly, a visionary with hopes of contributing to environmental sustainability and doing what she can to combat the 'fast fashion' industry.

In the Beginning

After developing a love of costume jewelry, specifically rhinestone bracelets from the 1930's and 40's, then collecting these pieces of Hollywood movie glamour, the majority purchased directly at auction in the late 1990s from studios like MGM, Columbia and Warner Bros., she started presenting these items at trunk shows. The seed was planted around growing an online business dedicated to finding new homes for these beautiful items and from that seed, Occhi Azzurri started to grow.

Turning from collecting vintage costume jewelry, to vintage and new luxury designer jewelry in the early 2000s changed everything. That opened the aperture for curation of designer wallets, handbags, clothing, accessories and finally to dreaming of a business, providing accessible luxury at the best price, rarity, and guaranteed authentic to the online marketplace. Being a collector before becoming a seller would also provide the compliments to many items like original dust bags and boxes and authentication cards.

Item Refurbishment

The refurbishment of items started in the mid 2000s where her background in art and design translated to some creative thinking around what could be bought and restored using her expertise in colour matching of paint and materials. This could then provide another layer of savings to the consumer. 

Leather items that are restored to present with more uniform coloring or add longevity to handles and corners, all are done with Angelus Leather Paint. This is the best quality leather paint on the market, and allows items to remain flexible, water resistant and long-lasting.

In the case of Burberry scarves, if mended, will have been done in a matching fabric type thread, i.e. cashmere scarves are darned with cashmere thread.

**If the item has been restored at all, it will be clearly described in the Detail section of the listing.**

Insight on the Market

Our founder understands that people who buy vintage or pre owned luxury goods are savvy shoppers, understand they own something there may be only one of anywhere, and are making a statement. She understands that the items rarity factors into their value and desirability.

“Today's luxury goods consumers are very discerning, have a unique sense of style, and are smart about how and where they make their purchases. Having Occhi Azzurri in the marketplace will make it much easier to afford that luxury.”